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Dropbox with nCoDE Part 3

In this third and final part in this series of three post we’ll fill in the final piece of the puzzle and look at how we achieve the Dropbox authentication using OAuth. The previous two parts are found here and here. First a disclaimer, I don’t claim to be knowledgeable about OAuth! I made the point in the last post that you don’t really need to be because the compositional approach hides the unnecessary details. [Read More]

Dropbox with nCoDE Part 2

This posting is walk-though of developing an OAuth client service on NetKernel with the nCoDE visual composition environment. If you haven’t read the background material in the first post I recommend you do that first. OAuth involves a three way orchestration between a user on a web browser, a client web application and a service web application. The basic idea is that a client application with limited trust can access a service application without ever gaining access to the users credentials and in a way that can be be managed in terms of scope and duration by the service application. [Read More]

Dropbox With nCoDE Part 1

With any worry about having too many buzzwords and technologies in one place cast aside, this post is the first in a series which will show you how I developed a Dropbox web application using the Dropbox restful OAuth API with a compositional approach using new and little discussed NetKernel compositional development environment nCoDE. First a little background on compositional development and nCoDE. Compositional development is an approach that focuses on the assembly and configuration of pre-existing components to build systems. [Read More]