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The Resource Oriented Architectural Style

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how to model non-trivial Resource Oriented systems. It is interesting that each practitioner has a different style. Peter and I have discussed endlessly about our own approaches but failed to reach consensus about the best. (Ha! as if that would ever happen anyway.) However I think part of the reason is the sheer freedom that ROC offers. This of course has it’s advantages but one of the tradeoffs is that it can lead to choice overload. [Read More]


Brad Jones has his fingers on so many pulses that I imagine him beavering away in his leguminous clinic. So when he said to me last week that my last post would really help people familiar with REST to see what ROC was about it made me think. I realised that the aim was valid but that it wasn’t really well addressed despite Brad’s enthusiasm. So of course I better do something about that! [Read More]