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Why Microservices and not Yoctoservices?

So we’ve heard a lot about microservices and there have been some good discussions comparing the benefits and disadvantages over the status quo of monolithic enterprise deployment. What is interesting me at the moment is the question of scale. When we break a monolith into parts we need to make choices of what those parts should be and inevitably how large they are. Mereology Mereology is the study of parts and wholes. [Read More]

Cut to the Chase

“Cut to the chase” is something you’re only likely to hear me say if I’m enduring some kind of Dickensian wordfest drawn out from the changing of a single bit of information. However in this case I’m not the actor but rather it’s a new architectural endpoint for NetKernel that can keep your web apps on track and up-to-date. Let me explain. Whilst working on the recent representation cache update I noticed that the standard pattern of issuing AJAX requests from the browser was causing a problem. [Read More]

Separating Architecture from Code

The MP3 format is a great technology for compressing audio because it can be progressively configured to reduce the complexity in an audio stream in the parts that humans are less able to perceive. It understands the psycho-acoustics of human hearing and the typical waveforms that constitute music. By working in a constrained domain it can represent the data in a more concentrated form. Similarly JPEG is a great technology for compressing photographs because it can reduce the complexity in parts of an image that humans are less able to perceive. [Read More]