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Introducing Comb9

consumer integration platform

Whilst getting things off my chest I thought it’d be a good idea to mention comb9.com! Comb9 is a consumer integration platform which I built in 2015. By consumer integration I mean it allows consumers of internet of things gadgets, social media and online services to integrate this disparate capabilities together to build new combined1 services which do more than the sum of their parts. Background Of course this idea is not new. [Read More]

Scratching an Itch

Some of you may know that recently I’ve been really digging into the Getting Things Done (GTD) methodology of self organisation. Thanks to Tom Geudens for putting me on that track! I’m not going to bang on obsessively about it as it seems that can be a common tendency, suffice to say I found good geeky tools to use and so far so good it really seems to work. The one takeaway point to me is this: if you can get written down and out of your head all the thoughts and ideas of what needs to be done both long and short term then these thoughts don’t keep springing into your head at inopportune times. [Read More]