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Saving Energy With Contextual Caching

Energy usage by human society is rightly a big issue moving forward. Not because using energy is intrinsically bad but because our methods of obtaining enough usable energy are damaging the planet. Energy usage by IT continues to grow1 and is now a non-trivial proportion of global energy use2. Even as our technology continues to become more energy efficient due to the hard work of many smart people our total energy requirements continue to grow. [Read More]

Reducing Power Consumption with ROC

Two weeks ago I spent a couple of days in London attending an Architecture Engineering course at the BCS. Tom Gilb the course creator and teacher along with his son Kai demonstrated the power of an approach to thinking that extends much further than the course title suggests. By seeking to uncover all the variables and risks in any undertaking and then quantifying them, a project can make less subjective decisions through the entire path from conception, requirements gathering, design and implementation of systems. [Read More]