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Enterprise Visualizer Tools

As promised in the previous post here is a sneak peak of the new NetKernel Enterprise Edition Visualizer tools. These tools do not make any new information available as the core visualizer shows every gory detail. However these new views perform in-depth analysis of the low-level data to determine information that can be quite labour intensive to infer when working with large request trees. These new views are: an expiry determinants tool to allow rapid determination of why any particular response is expired. [Read More]

Visualizer - Time Machine Debugging

Over the summer I’ve been working upgrading NetKernel’s Visualizer ready for a major new release planned for the autumn/fall. All this work combined with comments from various folks set me thinking that not much has been said about this critical tool which must appear so alien on first approach. The Visualizer technology was developed along side the NetKernel 4 kernel in the summer of 2007. After earlier experiments with more traditional breakpoint based approaches to debugging we realized that the ROC abstraction was at just the right level to allow a much more powerful debugger to be implemented. [Read More]