Mindmap Of NetKernel Universe

As part of our ongoing efforts to at least provide crampons if not materially reduce the learning curve required to reach the epiphany of Mt NetKernel I want to present our latest efforts with a visual representation of the structure of knowledge within the NetKernel documentation.


It is a mindmap; a visual map of the structure of the documentation contained in the core books. It is dynamically generated and clicking on the nodes takes you straight to the actual page within the documentation. Mindmaps are incredibly useful to see the lie of the land or the outline of available knowledge. However the real benefit I see is that various data visualisations can be overlayed on this map which will help in navigating. I have heard from many people that it’s easy to get lost and end up going round in circles trying to find meaning. (Of course some of that indicates that the content needs refining and that is happening too)

The simplest visualisation is what a web browser does to highlight visited links. So in the background the documentation system locally captures analytics (hit counts and last viewed time.) This quickly allows somebody using the documentation to learn which paths have been traversed and what still remains unexplored. This tool will also contain a number of other visualisations such as pages viewed over specific time periods or pages viewed most frequently.

As ever feedback is most welcome!